About us

Art Matters Now (AMN) is a curatorial initiative that engages artists and the public in the discussion of world topics that matter to humanity.⁣ Currently based in Tyne and Wear, the initiative is run by a two-person team passionate about supporting emerging artists.

'It is an organisation run by helpful and dedicated people.'

I really enjoyed working with Art Matters Now and would be happy to again in the future. I like that it helps emerging artists explore difficult subjects in society by displaying them as art because it spreads the message in a new and interesting way. It is an organisation run by helpful and dedicated people.

What we do

Exhibition Curation

AMN curates exhibition programmes to address and educate about global issues that matter to the contemporary world, while encouraging emerging artists to reflect on their roles in society. In parallel, our work entails research, artwork interpretation, exhibition installation and documentation.

Artist Development

With the understanding that many art graduates may find it challenging to find their footing in the art world, AMN actively strives to create exhibition and professional development opportunities for emerging artists. Our support extends to offering personalised feedback to artists participating in our exhibitions, providing them with technical assistance in workshop delivery and artwork display, as well as connecting them with other professionals in the wider arts network.

360° Virtual tourS

Alongside every exhibition that AMN physically sets up, we will produce a digitised version of it for perpetual online display and documentation. As we do so, we hope to help artists who work with us reach a wider audience. We are open to collaboration with other art and cultural organisations in producing virtual exhibition tours. Please contact us to learn more.

'Very easy, efficient and professional to work with.'

Art Matters Now supported our organisation to digitise our exhibitions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, helping us reach new audiences and continue to produce opportunities for artists. I would happily support and work with Art Matters Now on future projects. They are very easy, efficient and professional to work with.

Who We Are

Rory Williams

Project Manager & Curator

Rory Williams is a curator based in the North of England with a background in fine art. He holds an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies from Newcastle University. Having worked within the various art and cultural organisations in Sunderland since 2017, Rory has developed professional skills and a network which support his specialisation in exhibition planning and delivery.

Christie Yung Hei Chan

Content Manager & Curator

Christie Chan is a curator and trilingual writer based in the North East of England. She co-manages Art Matters Now projects, taking lead in project publicity and content creation. With a background in fine arts, she graduated with distinction from Newcastle University with an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies.