Sunderland Culture Creative Development Fellowship 2019

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Rory Williams, Curator of Art Matters Now (AMN), has been chosen as one of the recipients of Sunderland Culture’s 2019 Creative Development Fellowship! Using the support offered by this fellowship, AMN is going to curate a project that will involve local emerging artists and culminate in an exhibition. 

The theme of AMN’s very first project will be Ecology. Ecology deals with the interaction between living beings and their natural surroundings. It may be broadly understood as a scientific study, but we believe that art has a unique role to play in raising the public’s awareness of our ecological responsibilities as humans. Through the lens of art, we hope that our upcoming project will inspire a dialogue about environmental issues we are currently facing and encourage people to reflect on their relations to nature.


Further details about our open call for artist submissions will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!