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Spaces of Consent

Spaces of Consent is a participatory, digital space devised by artist Lady Kitt. The work includes an interactive whiteboard element, hosted on Jamboard. To participate, click on the link within the tour or here:

Spaces of Consent credits:

  • Paper installation by Lady Kitt
  • Digital tour by Art Matters Now
  • Musical composition by Sarah and Edwin Li
  • Physical, conceptual and social elements co-created by: Sam Goodrick, Tessa Parr, Hedley Sugar-Wells, Sarah Li, Edwin Li, Ben Haley
  • Supported by Newcastle University, the Gender Research Group (GRG), Arts Council England project grant (as part of (en)SHRINE) and by Ampersand Inventions at Orbis

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‘Spaces of Consent’ is part of a wider project ‘Objects of Consent’— a multi-disciplinary project based on research relating to consent by Dr Tina Sikka, Trixie Blue and Lady Kitt. This project has been supported by Newcastle University and the Gender Research Group (GRG).

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